Educational program Service-learning

Service-learning) is a method of studying/teaching of knowledge which connects volunteering with academic studies, personal development and developing a sense of civil responsibility

The Sunce Association started developing and implementing socially useful learning programs in collaboration with the Natural Science and Engineering School in the 2010/2011 school year. So far, the Sunce Association program has been implemented for 4 generations of students and during the school year 2013/2014. significant attention was focused on improving the program by fulfilling the quality standards for such programs.

In the school year 2014/2015. The program included 6 graduates of the Natural Science and Engineering School, 1 mentor from the school and 5 employees of the Sunce Association.
A practical part of the activities and workshops starts at the beginning of the school year and lasts until the end of the school year (for graduates – May 2015). The program consists of 5 joint workshops with all involved students, individual mentoring and co-mentor work with students, as well as the independent work of all graduates on the activities of the practical part. At the end, the program is followed by evaluation, recognition of students and completion of engagement in the form graduation work that takes place in June according to the curriculum of the Natural Science and Engineering School.

Educational Program “Socially Useful Learning” is being implemented as one of the activities of the “Participate in Sustainable Development” project, which started in May 2013 and lasts until April 2015. Partner of Sunce Association is a German organization Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelterziehung (DGU), and the donor is the German foundation Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). In the school year 2013/2014. the project is co-financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. Also, implementation of the education program in the school year 2014/2015. is also supported by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.