Education of children and youth on the importance of nature, environment and sustainable development

The time when we are running from birth to death has come. We’re running in a kindergarten because parents have to come to work in time, run to school because then we have to learn to come in time. We run to faculties, for the career, apartment, car …

We are building our own family and we continue to move through life hard. Have we ever wondered: What happens in nature and the environment, the living world around me as I spend consumer and marathon life?

Children and young people often fall into the throng of life without looking around, and lately they also create their own virtual lives. Since the early ages, they create worlds without the forests, the seas, the rivers and the mountains, the worlds “crowded with messages of SMS, Twitter and Facebook”.

In the Sunce association, we believe that we need and we can develop love and respect for nature in children from small feet, kindergartens, and even more through school. We want to develop the understanding of the spiritual and material aspects of the preserved nature and environment that contribute to the quality of our lives.

Through workshops and lectures annually, the Sunce association, includes up to 1500 students and their teachers. Develops educational and informative materials for students, teachers and the public. Points out environmental issues and offers solutions, and through organizing public events, green excursions and educational projects deals with various topics related to the protection of the environment and nature and the promotion of sustainable development.

All of these activities have a common goal, which is to build the love and the need for nature, in young people. Nature they will keep for themselves and their offspring because, to quote the Senegal scientist and protector of nature Baba Dium, “In the end we will only preserve what we love, we will only love what we understand, and we will only understand what we are taught”.