Green trips – small steps for sustainable society

As part of the education of children and young people about nature, its ecosystems and the development of social entrepreneurship, the Association Sunce organizes educational excursions into nature.

Green trips were designed and adapted to pupils from all primary school classes to provide them with an opportunity to connect and understand nature to get acquainted with the basic system of functioning of natural processes and enable them to enjoy learning through socializing

What are Green trips?

Excursions that educate students in nature, about nature and its ecosystems.
Enables students to understand nature and connect with nature.
Serves to gain knowledge of ecosystem values.
Familiarize students with the principles of ecologically responsible behavior and encourage them to practice them in everyday life.

Who Organizes Green Trips?

Green excursions are organized by the Association Sunce in cooperation with tourist agencies. Activity leaders are educators and volunteers of the Association Sunce.

To whom are the Green trips meant for and how do they look?

Green excursions are tailored to pupils of all primary school grades.

Why choose a Green trip?

  • Teaching becomes more diverse and more meaningful and the students are more independent, responsive and creative.
  • The responsible relationship of children towards nature and the environment is developing.
  • It promotes the development of healthy lifestyles, walks of habit and staying in nature.
  • Support is being given to the work of the Association Sunce in the field of social entrepreneurship with the aim of solving critical social problems in a sustainable manner.


Take a look at the photos of the Green Tours held on Facebook.