Confish project

In September 2016, the project “Connectivity among Mediterranean fishery stakeholders and scientists resolves connectivity of fishery populations”  has started with the abbreviated name Confish with which it wants to encourage better cooperation and understanding between fishermen and scientists.

Sunce, as one of the partners, will be working in the following 18 months with the leading partner of the project, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb and other international partners: the Instituto Superior Técnico from Portugal, the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, the Italian Conzorcio UNIMAR and the Spanish National Council for Research.

The main objective of the project:

The main objective of this project is to create a framework for the promotion of knowledge among fishermen and scientists involved in exploitation, management and conservation of Mediterranean fisheries.

Estimated results:

Networking: Networking will take place on two levels. The first will be between the scientific institutions involved in the project. This project includes fish scientists, sociologists and evolutionary scientists. This wide range of knowledge will strengthen the overall outcome of the project, as well as raising awareness of the local community. The second level of networking refers to the link between local stakeholders and scientists. The transfer of knowledge between scientists and the local community, as well as the common interpretation of project results based on transdisciplinarity, will promote close co-operation that is expected to be maintained and expanded upon completion of the research.

Framework Study: Creating a framework for improving the sustainability of fish resources is based on the implementation of the most up-to-date evolution-based knowledge and local knowledge of fisheries communities. This framework and built platform can be implemented in each case study to enhance knowledge of the biology of fish species. The great variability of Mediterranean fisheries communities, together with the high biodiversity of marine species, suggests that each area needs a customized management plan.

Activities of the Association Sunce in the project:

Collecting species samples in the Adriatic
Organization of workshops and working sessions
Collecting scientific and empirical knowledge of Octopus (Octopus vulgaris)
Project communication – capacity building on evolution-based fisheries management
Comparison and gathering knowledge of the fisheries community to assess fishing resources and support their management

The project is funded by the Interreg Program. The total project value is 561.574,03 euros. The contracting authority in the Republic of Croatia is the Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia.