Children’s education as part of the LIFE Artina project


Educating children living on the islands of Vis, Korčula and Lastovo about the endangered Adriatic albatrosses (gregula, kaukal and Mediterranean gull) is one of the “LIFE Artina” project goals.

As part of the project, more than 100 children participated in educational programs designed on this specific topic and adapted to kindergartens and primary school students.

Find out what we used to make our visits as fun and educational as possible in Maja Golem‘s article for the Life Artine website – HERE.

Completed workshops with children (Author: M. Šimac)

The cherry on top, at the end of the educational program, we took the students involved to a field workshops.

The first organized trip was for students from the Blato Elementary School from Korčula visiting Lastovo and two other field workshops connected two islands which are not connected by any boat line but have so many similarities between – Lastovo and Vis.

You can find out if they had a good time and what they learned on the field in Miranda Šimac‘s article – HERE.