A short summer break for the Swap Fair in July and August

Sajam razmjene-klub-zona

The popular event of Sunce for the exchange of used items has been held continuously every month since June 2022. Every first Tuesday of the month, these events attracted many interested citizens and tourists. However, during July and August we will take a short summer break so that our ESC volunteers Yuliia and Aleks can develop new ideas for future fairs!

After a well-deserved rest, the Swap Fair will open its doors again on September 5, 2023. ESC volunteers will prepare an even more interesting offer of items. The offer will mostly include summer equipment, clothes and shoes, and there will be no shortage of books, jewelry or toys.

We remind you that the Swap Fair will be held every first Tuesday of the month in the premises of the Info Zone (Jerina 1, Split). The rules for participating in the Swap Fair are simple:

  • bring up to five well-preserved items that can be of use to others
  • exchange items for vouchers at the entrance
  • choose the items you want to take home
  • exchange them for the obtained vouchers at the exit.

By exchanging items that we no longer need for items that will be useful to us, we reduce our own carbon footprint, save money, and our home becomes richer for one new, more useful item. Besides, you have to admit that there is something special when we breathe new life into old things.

We would like to thank all the citizens and members of Sunce who supported us from the beginning, but also throughout the first year of the Fair. We hope that our new fairs from September will be even more visited and full of preserved and functional objects for exchange.

See you again from September!

The Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2022 project is financed by the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps program.