A hill of deposited earth and stones on Stinice – this is not waste


In May 2021, we received a call, through the Green Telephone service, from concerned citizens about the huge landfill of construction waste in the Stinice area, in Split city.

We immediately forwarded the report to the authorities, but apart from the fact that the landfille increases day by day as trucks carelessly dump tons of construction waste on the site, we have not noticed any other changes. What is happening in Stinice and why are the authorities not responding?

Photo: Dalmatinski portal by Veljko Martinović

For six months the case was shifted between the Department of Municipal Police of the City of Split and the State Inspectorate, and in December 2021 the case was finally submitted to the procedure to the municipal police. The municipal police then informed us that in the end it was not construction waste, but “filling of earth and stones”. While doing so, no permit revoking the status of excavation or construction waste and determining the manner and location of reuse or recovery has been submitted.  

On the contrary, it seems that the City of Split sees no problem in the filling of the entire hill with stones and construction waste in the middle of Split.

So, what is left for us to do is to investigate ourselves, ask for more information and probably initiate a new circle between the municipal police and the State Inspectorate to figure out and solve this case.

Are we exaggerating when we say that it is a landfill or is it an “filling of earth and stones” on a new hill on Stinice in Split? You can conclude for yourself.

Photo: Dalmatinski portal by Veljko Martinović

Photos taken from the Dalmatinski Portal.