5 Tips for sustainable holidays


The holidays are fast approaching, and the holiday mood is already in the air. Decorating the streets, preparing gifts and thinking about the holiday basket greatly complement our free time.

However, with all the beautiful things, during the holiday season, human action on environmental pollution increases disproportionately. Do you know that even 25% more waste is created during the holidays?

That’s why we bring you tips on how to make your holiday celebration more sustainable.

1. Which Christmas tree to choose?

If you are one of those who like the smell of the forest in your home, let us explain why cutting down and buying cut live wood should not be your first option. Croats buy over 100,000 Christmas trees a year, which is certainly a number that makes us wonder. In addition to unnecessarily cutting down forests and disrupting the balance in nature, these same trees often end up as waste on the road after the holidays. We recommend using artificial wood, which can truly replace real wood today and you can use it for many years. At the moment when they are no longer usable, you can use them to make various ornaments or garlands and thus give them a new shine. You can find some of our ideas here. If you still want to have a cut pine, consider a live tree in a jar that can be returned to its natural habitat after use.

2. How to reduce electricity consumption?

From squares and streets to home decoration – lamps are an essential decoration. The increased consumption of electricity for lighting your home can still be reduced. The use of LED lamps is a better solution, considering that they use 80% less electricity than ordinary ones. Also, in order to save money for both you and your loved ones, consider giving away toys that do not use electricity. If you want to get additional information about ways to save the Earth in the categories of energy, water, waste, procurement, transportation, ask Sunce for the Green Office service.

If you want to green your business, become a member of the DG and secure discounts at the partner companies of the Dalmatia Green program.

3. How to choose gifts?

Nowadays, natural products are more and more appreciated. Head to local retailers and delight your loved ones with quality and domestic products. In addition to giving a useful gift, you will support the work of small growers and producers.

If you decide to buy clothes as a gift, it would be good to know if that person will actually wear that piece. Accumulating clothes that will eventually not be worn or thrown away is an unnecessary expense and damage to the environment. Finally, when choosing gifts in general, be guided by the fact that you should think carefully about whether the person will actually use what you give them. If you have received a gift that you will not use, stop by our Swap Fair, which is held every first Tuesday of the month.

4. Which wrapping paper to choose?

After the Christmas tree is set up and decorated, it’s time to put the presents under it. Pay attention to the material of the decorative papers. Most contain non-recyclable materials, such as a combination of plastic and glitter.

There is one simple way to check if your decorative paper is recyclable or not: if you crumple the paper and it unrolls itself, it is most likely not recyclable. The idea of wrapping gifts in old paper bags that you no longer use, recycled decorative paper or fabric is also interesting.

5. How to reduce food consumption?

Do you know that more than 50% of food waste is generated in households? During the holiday season, food and drink purchases increase, but we rarely eat everything we have prepared. In order to reduce the amount of food waste this holiday season, we advise you to plan your shopping in advance and shop sensibly. Take into account the number of people who will enjoy the prepared food. At the end, compost all organic food scraps, and store all leftovers properly in the refrigerator or freezer so that you can consume them later. We bring you some of the ideas on the link.