The conference is organized within the ESF project PAZI! (Practical-Active-Together-Interdisciplinary! – Service-Learning Programs for Environment and Sustainable Development). The Conference aims to exchange existing knowledge and experience on the implementation of service learning as well as connecting programs and actors of service-learning programs in Croatia. A total of 60 participants are expected to participate. Within the two-day Conference project Partner Organizations will share their knowledge regarding the current implementation of the SL programs as well as the results of the evaluation of the implementation of these programs. Students who have been involved in the SL programs will also present their experiences. Handbook on Service-Learning, developed through the project “Students Learning Active Citizenship – a Service-Learning Program for Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation – a Project of Cooperation between Germany and Croatia”, will be distributed at the Conference with other promotional materials developed within the project . As a result of the Conference, the Proceedings will be produced in a printed (100 pieces) and electronic version, which will be distributed to the Conference participants and to the end users of the project.

Project holder: Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce

Project partners: Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Law, Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences, Alumni Association of Faculty of Chemistry and Technology.