Comenius project students participated in Sunce Green trip

Last friday, 26th September 2014, Association Sunce organized a Green trip “Ecosystem Forest and Sea” in the area of Park Forest Marjan for 20 teachers and 30 students as a part of the Comenius project  “Citizen of Careland – A citizen of a country that cares” conference
The two-year project (2013-2015) includes Primary school “Pujanki as Croatian representatives and participants from Romania, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Polish and Germany.
The main objective of the project “Citizen of Careland” is to motivate the younger generation (students between 13 and 18 years) to be active citizens and to be involved in solving the current problems in Europe.
In the first year of the project the students are doing a mini research on specific environmental problems in cities where they live, trying to find appropriate solutions with the help of their teachers, specialists in the sector, NGOs, international organizations and companies involved in environmental issues.
In the second year of the project, students have to work closely with charitable institutions, NGOs and international institutions in helping people in need: the elderly, the disabled, children from kindergarten and their peers in school who need mentoring and support. Students will work on preventing drug use, promoting sports activities, healthy lifestyle and useful use of the Internet for learning.
We thank all the participants for excellent evaluations of a Green trip!