Raising Awareness of the role of Composting

Did you know that biowaste makes up as much as 40 % of mixed municipal waste? Depending on how it is handled, biodegradable waste can be either an environmental problem or a valuable organic fertilizer that improves soil structure and quality.

Association Sunce systematically and continuously advocates sustainable and responsible waste management in local communities in Dalmatia and conducts numerous trainings on this topic. The basis of the Association Sunce action is based on modern professional and scientific knowledge, with special emphasis on the need to respect the order of priority in waste management.

Precisely for that reason, 21.12.2021. Association Sunce has launched a project Raising Awareness of the role of Composting. The aim of the project is to make the local community aware that separate collection and composting of biodegradable waste is an important link in an integrated waste management system, circular economy and environmental protection.

The project activities are focused on two target groups: the youth and the tourism sector.

Awareness-raising activities for students and young people include the production and installation of home composters in five different educational institutions. Employees of educational institutions will be trained to use home composters and dispose of biowaste. Home composter is a product that allows users to compost biowaste and grow plants indoors according to the principles of circular economy and sustainable development. Home composters are made by former students who, by participating in a Service-Learning program, developed an idea and started their production. They will be an example of good practice for students who will be involved in the Service-Learning program and participate in project activities to create content and promote the educational platform, set up and maintain composters and monitor the amount of composted biowaste in set composters during the year. They will produce final papers, present results, conduct educational workshops for other students with an emphasis on composting, using STEM elements as an educational approach. Information and education of children and the general population will take place on online educational platforms, workshops and professional lectures.

Workshops, public lectures and events are planned in the tourism sector to promote and advocate composting. An analysis of the generation of biowaste on the island of Lastovo will be carried out. Based on the analysis, suggestions for short-term and long-term solutions in biowaste management on the island will be given.

The duration of the project is 12 months and it is funded by the SENSE Foundation Brussels.

Project Manager: Miranda Šimac, M.A. Biology and Geography

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