We’re in search of a volunteer within the PAZI! project

Are you interested in project management and project cycle management, are you motivated to gain experience working on EU projects, are you interested in education for sustainable development, nature and the environment, do you like working with young people? Sunce is opening a competition just for you!

We are looking for a Volunteer educator on the project Practical-Active-Together-Interdisciplinary! – service-learning programs for the environment and sustainable development

Deadline: January 14, 2019.

Required documents: CV and cover letter

Mail for application: [email protected]

Place of work: Premises of the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce, HNP Coast 7 / III. Premises of the Faculty of Economics in Split, Business and Tourism, Cvite Fiskovića 5. Premises of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology in Split, Ruđera Boškovića 35. Premises of the Faculty of Law in Split, Homeland War 8. Premises of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, Sinjska 2.

Responsibilities and duties of the volunteer:

  • Participate in a review of existing socially useful learning materials.
  • Organizing and participating in the introductory workshop of the service-learning program.
  • Participation in a workshop to empower and strengthen motivation.
  • Commenting on students involved in a service-learning program.
  • Participation in lectures related to specific topics in environmental protection and nature and the development of civil society.
  • Participation in other educational activities of Sunce for the purpose of acquiring specific knowledge and skills and providing logistical and organizational support.
  • Participation in trainings in national and international organizations if the possibility of attending them arises.
  • Distribution activities of promotional materials.
  • Organizational and logistics activities related to other activities on the project.
  • Administrative tasks, data entry and processing, etc.

Required qualifications of volunteers:

  • Student or university degree
  • Willingness to learn, development of new competencies and skills.
  • Initiative and enterprising spirit.
  • Responsibility and independence in work, proactivity, but also readiness for team work.
  • Communication and organizational skills.
  • Quality and clarity of written and oral expression.
  • Interest, understanding and ability to communicate.
  • Willingness to adapt to deadlines, different jobs and the work environment.
  • Readiness and interest in learning and understanding the system and activities of civil society in the Republic of Croatia and the EU.

Required commitment (per week or according to the nature of the volunteer position):

The volunteer program is designed as a long-term volunteering. Each volunteer will volunteer regularly and continuously, for a period of three months during one semester of the academic year, without interruption, on a weekly basis of 10 hours per week depending on the dynamics of the activity. Precisely because of the nature of this volunteer position, which includes the systematic education of volunteers on environmental protection and sustainable development, it is necessary to ensure long-term volunteering.

Description of the training that the volunteer will receive:

  • Introduction to Sunce; mission, vision and goals of the organization, the role and ways of action of civil society in general, and especially the role and ways of action of environmental civil society organizations.
  • Getting acquainted with the conditions of volunteering and the activities they will perform through introducing the volunteer to the legislative framework on volunteering.
  • Professional help and support during volunteering related to the topic of environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as to participatory methods of education and service-learning programs.
  • Education to empower and strengthen motivation. Participation in a one-day workshop within the project.
  • Education for volunteer educators. Participation in educational activities of Sunce with users.
  • Education on service-learning, through participation in workshops for students and involvement in service-learning programs.

Benefits that a volunteer gets from volunteering:

  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills for volunteer educators of Sunce and consequent opportunities for future cooperation in educational activities
  • Certificate of volunteering.
  • Issuance of a certificate of competencies acquired through volunteering.
  • Participation in trainings in national and international organizations if the possibility of attending them arises.
  • Travel and other expenses if any.

Performance monitoring and evaluation

Meetings with the aim of monitoring the work will be held twice a month, and reflection will be conducted once a week with the aim of discussing the tasks performed and possible difficulties in implementation. At the end of the volunteer program, an evaluation will be conducted with the volunteer through an evaluation sheet to see his / her development in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. Likewise, the volunteer will keep a personal learning diary throughout the program to monitor their personal development. The results will be measured in relation to the assigned / agreed tasks in writing, and at the end of the volunteer engagement and through the Certificate of Competences Acquired through Volunteering.

Volunteer coordinator:

Miranda Šimac, associate educator and volunteer coordinator of the Sunce Association.
Mail: [email protected]
Mob: + 385 98 7450 87