We present you the participants of the project “School Botanical Garden of Mediterranean Plants”

In February, Lina and Hajdi as associates from Association Sunce Split together with volunteers Karla, Vanda and Nera, have started a solidarity project called “School Botanical Garden of Mediterranean Plants”, which is designed as part of the European Solidarity Corps programme.

The garden will be realized in the outdoor space of the Skalice elementary school. The first workshop has already been held, during which the pupils were educated about project objectives and activities, and they jointly discussed their own wishes on garden design. Apart from educating pupils about urban permaculture and waste management, the 5 participants and project partner Association Permakultura Dalmacija will also be involved in the process of creating the garden and planting.

For the readers of our website, the project participants took several minutes to answer the question: “What motivates them to participate in this solidarity project?”:

Lina Matijević
My motivation for participating is to revive the neglected green area of Skalice elementary school, working with children and gaining knowledge about urban permaculture from our project partner – the Association Permakultura Dalmacija.
I wanted to start a project involving green areas in Split city for a long timeand I think this is an excellent incentive to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Karla Marinić
I wanted to contribute to the community in where I live, and along the wayteach myself and others how to live in harmony with nature – our home.

That is why my motivation lays in  improving the coexistence of people and the countryside, especially the childrenour future.

Hajdi Biuk
The basic idea was to make Split city a greener place and to include the local community into it. I am glad that the entire process of creating and enjoying the garden will connect children with nature and give them the opportunity to learn outside in the environment of Mediterranean plants.

The garden is a great benefit to the urban environment and I think that increasing the green urban areas is the way to a healthier, more harmonious rhythm of life.

Nera Cvitanušić
I am motivated by the fact that building this kind of garden will be a positive change for Skalice elementary school, but also for the city of Split.
My goal is, through active participation in project implementation, is to expand my knowledge on the issues of environmental protection and sustainable development. I’m very glad to be part of a socially useful story based on solidarity.

Vanda Dokoza
Participating in a project which combines sustainable development, working with children, learning and acquiring my own experience of coexisting with nature is both motivating and challenging.
I will certainly try to apply the practical knowledge of sustainable development in my future life, I would love to see the elementary students, as beneficiaries of this project, remember and apply gained knowledge.