Waste – responsibility of every citizen for the healthy future of the city

Sunce educator on public workshop on waste managment

The City of Trogir is introducing changes in the waste management system, and for the citizens to be informed and involved in the process, Sunce held three forums for citizens. Interested citizens had the opportunity to learn about their rights, find out what examples of good practices are, and participate in the search for solutions to improve the waste management system in the city of Trogir. Trogir has a combined waste management system; door-to-door system, recycling islands, mobile recycling yards and permanent recycling yards.

The positive developments of this system can already be seen. Trogir holding introduced the payment of the variable part on November 1, 2022. With this charge’s introduction in Trogir, the discarded waste dropped by 30% in the first month and increased in the surrounding towns. Also, separation in the recycling yard is entirely free.

What are the rights of citizens and how is waste separated in other places?

At the first forum, held on April 21 at the Fire Station in Trogir, the citizens of Trogir learned how they can exercise their rights and properly handle waste following the law. Lawyer Andrea Tvrdić (Joint Law Firm Krstulović and Tvrdić) presented the rights of citizens, including the right to a healthy environment and participation. The emphasis was on the importance of reducing waste, especially plastic. Not all plastic can be recycled and only two types of plastic (HDPE and PET) are most often recycled. It is estimated that 60% of plastic ends up in a landfill or nature, where it breaks down into microplastics. Plastic is an eternal environmental problem – it is best to prevent its creation.

Marko Košak from Zelena akcija presented examples of good practice in Europe. He highlighted the Italian region of Veneto, which separately collects as much as 80% of waste, despite a population similar to Croatia.

In Croatia, we also have positive examples – the town of Prelog in Međimurje County. Prelog started improving its waste management system eight years ago and increased the amount of separately collected waste from 22% in 2012 to 70% in 2020. Also, Prelog is the only place in Croatia with its own recycling center. With its commitment to a zero-waste strategy, Prelog has established a waste sorting plant, composting and collecting all types of waste, including waste oil used to make scented candles.

As a reward for their participation, the participants of this forum received a discount on their utility services.

How to save and reduce household waste?

The second forum for citizens, held on April 26 in the City Hall, instructed citizens on how make savings in their households – from energy, water, and resources to money.

Using energy and materials provides an opportunity to save money and act responsibly towards the environment.

public forum on waste managment, city of trogir

– Every change is welcome: turning off the lights when leaving the room and using LED bulbs, paying attention to how much water we use, reducing waste and choosing sustainable transportation. – said Tea Kuzmičić Rosandić, manager of Sunce projects. Citizens shared with us their ways of saving money and the problems they face, such as the constant increase in the price of bills, even though they compost, and frequent breakdowns in water heaters. They also discussed plastic garden composters and their challenges and how to encourage citizens to compost. Sunce educators offered solutions from their practice for home composting, such as the use of Organko and sprinkling that accelerates fermentation.

Together, students and citizens can influence waste management in Trogir

At the third forum, on May 15, we connected citizens and students of Ivan Lucić High School to jointly find solutions for improving the waste management system in Trogir. This interactive workshop enabled a dialogue between generations and joint consideration of our challenges. Through cooperation and exchange of ideas, citizens and students contributed to creating innovative proposals for improving the waste management system in the city of Trogir.

The students suggested using reusable products, exchanging clothes, participating in eco-actions to clean the environment and supporting local producers. They believe that residents and tourists in their city dispose of waste irresponsibly and that there must be more waste bins in public areas. Therefore, as a solution, they propose more locations of recycling islands, eco inspectors and the introduction of fines for incorrect waste disposal.

At all workshops, the needs of citizens were listened to and their inquiries were answered. Citizens were particularly interested in how the waste management system works in other cities, especially how Zagreb’s new waste management system works – how the collection bags work, why this exact payment method was chosen, and how those who handle waste irresponsibly are punished.

Responsible waste management is important for preserving our environment and the health of our community. We are all invited to recognize the importance of reducing waste, especially plastic, and to participate actively in separating and recycling waste. With the cooperation of citizens, schools and local authorities, we can create a sustainable and healthy environment for future generations!

Sunce held three forums for citizens as part of the service Design and implementation of educational workshops/forums/education on waste management services in the City of Trogir. With our expert team, experienced in waste management, you also can implement this valuable service and educate your citizens about the importance of reducing and properly disposing of waste. Please send us an inquiry and join the growing number of cities recognizing the importance of sustainable development and care for the environment.