The Sunce representative in Tirana got acquainted with the Green Action City Plan

At the beginning of November, the head of the Environmental Law Department of the Sunce Association, Ivana Krstulović Baković, as a member of the delegation of the mayor of Split, Andre Krstulović Opara, was on a study visit to Tirana, during which the hosts presented the “Donate a tree” project, which is implemented as part of the city’s Green Action Plan of Tirana.

The Split delegation was received by the mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj, who himself comes from the non-governmental sector, and his deputy Anuela Ristani. They were introduced to an example of good practice in managing urban greenery, which is based on the active participation of citizens. Namely, the citizens of Tirana bring tree seedlings to the now representative park of Farka, which they then plant.

Once a disreputable, neglected city park, was improved and refined thanks to the initiative of a little girl, who, instead of a birthday present, wanted to plant a tree. Through the synergy of the city administration and citizens, this park has grown over time into a world-famous, beautiful green zone, intended for all nature lovers and visitors to the capital of Albania.

During their visit to Tirana, mayors Veliaj and Krstulović Opara, as a sign of friendship between the two cities, planted a tree in Europa Park, which is located in front of the city administration building. Namely, 150 thousand new trees were planted in Tirana in the last few years, and the seedlings were mostly donated.