The blue cleanup- Let’s clean the sea and shore!

Sunce Association, on Sunday 11.05.2014. is included in the action of cleaning the sea, underwater and coastal areas in Split organized by the City of Split. In addition to the Association Sunce, students of the Natural Science and Technical School, Žmergo Association, Croatian Navy, HRM Volunteer Association, Hvidra Split, Nautilus, Oceanus, Codium, Dolphin, Bios, Špinut, P.I.K. Mornar, Cian d.o.o., Čistoća Split d.o.o. and the local council Žrnovnica were also included. The action of cleaning will be carried out around Marjan in locations: Kaštelet, Kašuni, Institute, Bene, Lubinski porat, Špinut and the mouth of the Žrnovnica river.

The blue cleaning is part of the Let’s do it Mediterranean regional project, which will include Mediterranean ring countries with the common goal of a clean Mediterranean. More than 300 people are expected to attend in Split, and 26 volunteers from Estonia will attend. All those who want to contribute to the clean seawater and the coastal area of Split are invited to come to Kašuni at 9 am and to get involved in the action. We would also like to point out that the Green  Cleanup action will be held the same day, starting at 9 o’clock, due to poor weather conditions on April 26th. The green cleanup will be held at locations: from the mouth of the river Žrnovnica to the bridge Rakite and in the bay of Kašuni. Members of the Sunce Association and the students of the Natural Science School will purge the Kašuni coast and help divers in extracting waste from the sea. The aim of the action is to stimulate citizens’ awareness of the need for environmental protection and the protection of sea to which and from which they live on. We believe and expect that the action will contribute to the responsible relationship of the citizen to the waste that we create daily and we will separately collect recyclable waste, especially plastic and glass, during the action.