Sunce’s Annual General Meeting: 2023

godišnja skupština Sunca

Sunce’s annual general meeting, held on the premises of Sunce and via the Zoom platform, was attended by 25 active members. The meeting was started by the Executive Director Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić, who welcomed the participants and established a quorum, i.e. out of a total of 34 active members, 25 were present.

After Medunić-Orlić established the quorum, she presented the draft proposal of the Statute of the Association and key changes concerning the introduction of the Executive Board as the governing body of the association.

A new statute has been adopted

After the presentation, a vote was taken on the adoption of the proposal of the Statute and it was adopted by all active members of the Association.

There were no comments from members on the Plan of Activities of Organizational Development for 2024 that was submitted by e-mail, and the Plan was thereby unanimously adopted.

Program Plan for 2024

Medunić-Orlić pointed out that during 2023, a significant engagement was centered around fundraising. Several projects have passed and new recruitments were planned. There were no comments from the members on the version of the Program Operational Plan for 2024 that was sent via e-mail, and the Plan was unanimously adopted.

Financial Plan for 2024

It was pointed out that funds have been secured for 2024 and, given the duration of the approved projects, a larger part of the funds for 2025 have been secured, too. The Financial Plan for 2024 and the accompanying decisions; The Decision on the reallocation of funds and the Decision on amendments to the Financial Plan were sent via e-mail. The aforementioned documents were not commented on by the members and the Financial Plan and accompanying decisions were unanimously adopted.

Honorary members of Sunce

At the suggestion of active members Gabrijela Medunić Orlić, Margita Radman, Samanta Šećer, Zrinka Jakl and Maja Jurić, the following members were proposed as honorary members of Sunce: Ivana Carev, Duška Milinković, Slađana Pavlinović Mršić, Srđan Uljević and Petronije Tasić. The proposal for honorary membership was unanimously adopted.