Study trip in Berlin

Association Sunce held Study trip in Berlin (Germany) as a part of the project “Take part in sustainable development “ during the period from 20 – 25th October 2013. 

There was 8 participants who attended the study trip: Josipa Banić (Primary school “Mejaši” ), Mila Bulić (Primary school “Pujanki”), Vesna Kostović-Vranješ (Faculty of Philosophy in Split), Zrinka Lončar (Secondary school “Science and Technical School Split”), Ivana Marić Zerdun (Primary school “Trilj”), Paula Podrug (Primary school “Žrnovnica” and Private Secondary school “Wallner”) and Gabrijela Medunić–Orlić and Margita Radman from Association Sunce.

During our stay in Berlin we visited Eco School, student companies and Institutions that offers Service-learning programs.  

Gained knowledge and experience will be presented with the help of the participants on the Interregional and Regional expert panels for teachers of biology, chemistry, chemical technology, ecology, classroom teaching and for leaders of student companies as well as in the schools/faculties where the participants are employeed.

Based on existing knowledge and experience in providing education for environmental protection and sustainable development and thanks to ideas and knowledge from the study trip in collaboration with teachers Association Sunce will develop 4 educational programs – 3 educational programs in primary schools and 1 education program for secondary school.