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We have been witnessing for decades that nature, environment, responsible society and the interconnection of people and nature have become a focal point of political debate, non-governmental organizations, citizens and activists around the world. Shared forces are indeed seeing shifts in protecting a healthy environment and preserving nature, but at the same time exploiting nature in the name of development is still active. The Constitution of Croatia guarantees the right to a healthy living in a healthy environment, requiring the country to provide a healthy environment to its citizens and all environmental laws are aligned with this idea and generally speaking quite good and clear. However, when the time comes for these rules to be applied in the field, environmental protection is often put in the second plan and the advantage is given to other interests. In order to balance this situation, citizens are essential environmental actors today and in the future. The time has passed when what is happening in our neighborhood is no longer our concern, our 4 walls still exist within a larger whole and we are all responsible for it. A joint action by the authorities, the private and public sector as well as the citizens can lead to a better country and its value must be recognized as soon as possible. For this reason, the Sunce Association has accepted the role of the Green Phone Center, a free service for environmental problems, for the Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva County, almost a decade ago.

For a number of years, Sunce has been working extensively with the media, including Radio Split and the Green Phone was launched on February 15, 2016, offering information and education. Green Radio broadcasting on Radio Split is being carried out within the framework of IPA project “Environmental Partnership”, and in the air on every other Monday at 9 and 10 will be Ivana Grubišić, lawyer of the Sunce Association and Pinija Poljaković, head of communication in the Association.

The theme of next issue, February 29, is the separate waste collection, ie the current public debate on the Waste Management Plan of the City of Split. This is where we invite you to listen to the show, make notes with your comments, questions and suggestions and make an active decision as an active citizen – participate in a public hearing in the process of adopting the Waste Management Plan. All the possibilities of your participation are described below.


1) A public debate on the proposal of the waste management plan of the city of Split is underway, indicating the period during which the competent body submits the final draft text to the interested parties and provides the possibility of submitting applications, proposals and opinions on the text of the plan. The public hearing is a minimum of 30 days, which provides the following: public insight into the text of the proposal at a certain time, at least one public presentation of the proposal and the receipt of proposals (opinions, objections) in writing for the duration of the public hearing. Text Plan can be found here.

2) The public inspection of the Waste Management Plan of the City of Split for the period 2016 to 2022 runs from February 12, 2016, to March 14, 2016, every working day from 9 am to 3 pm, on the ground floor of the City Administration Building, Obala kneza Branimira 17, Split. So, any interested citizen may come at that time in the Banovina building and read the draft text of the Plan.

3) Public presentation will be held on Friday, 26 February 2016 at 16:00 in the City Hall of the City of Split. A public presentation is a discussion about the draft text, that the creator of the plan – the City of Split presents to all citizens who want to hear firsthand on issues in drafting the plan. Citizens can ask questions that need to be answered at the presentation or later in writing. Citizens can also make comments, opinions or suggestions on the draft text of the Plan directly to the record during the public viewing.

4) Opinions, suggestions and remarks of the public concerned may be sent by 14 March 2016 at the following address:

City of Split

Administrative Department for Communal Services and the Economy

Obala kneza Branimira 17

or by e-mail to the address

[email protected]