Presentation of the final public event as a part of a service – learning program

As part of the project, Students learn about civic engagement – socially useful learning in nature protection and the environment, the Association Sunce together with four faculties of the University of Split: Faculty of Chemical Technology, University Department of Marine Studies, Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Economics has implemented a program of socially useful learning for 8 students. The program consisted of a workshop cycle for students, after which the task of students was to organize two public events with topics related to Sustainable waste management and Sustainable tourism.

The aim of public events is to increase the knowledge and to inform the students and then the public and target group on these topics.

Two groups of students will organize two public events on March 17, 2017. at two locations:

– First group of students: 10 to 13 h, in the premises of the Faculty of Chemical Technology.

The public event includes a presentation of students for other students and faculty professors, presentation of a pilot project on waste separation at FCT. After the presentation to students and professors, we will be briefly educating the students about the waste, followed by different competing activities. The most successful class in the aforementioned activities ahieves a prize that includes a free Green day tour organized by Association Sunce.

For the purpose of promoting sustainable waste management and developing habits of ecological behavior in students, after the activities carried out, we will look at a small exhibition of student artwork made of recycled materials.

– The second group of students from 10 to 13 at the Split School of Economics

The public event includes a lecture titled “Sustainable tourism – opportunity, not utopia.” After the theoretical work, students and professors will participate in working groups.


A common gathering with food and drink is expected about 13 hours at the Faculty of Economics. In the same place, you can ask all questions and get more information about the project itself.