Marking the Day of the Coast

For many years, all Mediterranean countries are jointly commemorating the Day of the Coast, which, through a series of activities, aims to highlight the need to preserve the coast, prevent pollution, concreting and destroying of these valuable areas.

The central celebration is held every year in a different country of the Mediterranean – this year it is held in Rimini, Italy, 25th of September – while every country signing the Barcelona Convention is conducting a national celebration. Organized by the MAP – UNEP Center for Regional Activities in Split, this year marking the Croatian Day of the Coast will be held on 21.09. on the west coast of Split beginning at 10 am.

The theme of this year’s celebration is the protection of beaches and the sea, so it is logical that the Association Sunce is also involved in marking that day with a commemorative program designed in cooperation with children from preschool age from the kindergarten Cvit Mediterana. Children will perform a commemorative program with the desire to show the elderly how to behave on the beaches and how to protect these very important areas. There will be songs, dances and baby smiles that will make adults feel more serious about it by experiencing the term “sea and beach protection”.