Info workshops within Volunteer for Nature, Volunteer for Yourself Project have started

First info workshops started as part of the project Volunteer for NATURE, Volunteer for YOURSELF – School Volunteer Program in Protected Areas of Nature.

The Association Sunce is realizing the project with the League for Prevention of Drug Abuse, Technical School in Split, Secondary School Ivana Lucića in Trogir, the Center for Providing Services in the Community, the “Krka” National Park and Nature Parks “Telašćica“, “Biokovo” and “Vransko Lakeas partners in the project.

The first workshops were attended by students from four second grades of various courses within the Technical School in Split, led by educators Miranda Šimac from the Sunce Association and Duška Milinović from the League for Prevention of Drug Abuse, accompanied by Marina Spetiča (Communication and Public Relations Associate- Sunce Association) and Josipe Ursić (Volunteer Coach – League).

In January, several info workshops will be held with pupils from each second grade of secondary schools involved, as well as the users of the Center, with the aim of getting acquainted with the theme, goals and project organization, for the purpose of looking for future young volunteers.

The Volunteer for NATURE, Volunteer for YOURSELF Project is funded by means of the European Social Fund and it consists of several key elements. Info workshops were preceded by the design of specific volunteering programs for each protected area of nature, in co-operation with project partners, and the aim of the workshops was to familiarize students with the basic features of each volunteer program, motivate students to participate and acquaint them with the basic elements of the project.

After this phase and before the volunteering activities, the interested students will participate in a total of three educational workshops on volunteering, environmental protection and social skills, representing the next phase of project realization. Volunteer actions will be held in listed protected areas of nature, and will cover activities such as drywall construction, gardening, simple GPS mapping, cleaning the areas from waste or removal of invasive plant species.

For more information, you can download the info leaflet HERE!