Action Plan and Decision of the “For Plastic-Free Croatian Islands” project presented in Stari Grad


On the island Hvar on the 12th and 13th October, The Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce and the City of Stari Grad held a two-day workshop as part of For plastic free Croatian Islands project, funded by Beyond Med Association.

Project manager Tea Kuzmičić Rosandić presented the project and in partnership with an external expert on the project Marijan Galović, presented The Action Plan for the Reduction of Plastic Pollution for the period 2021.-2026.

The workshop was attended by Mayor Antonio Škarpa and Marianda Vranković Moškatelo, the City professional associate for social activities and development projects, who both see this project as an extension of all their previous efforts.

The Mayor Škrapa pointed out that Stari Grad has already started with examples of good practice as the Action Plan proposes, to reduce using of single use plastics and alternatives to plastic products. So, in the area of ​​the city of Stari Grad, in all public institutions, tourist offices, nautical centers and catering facilities, disposable packaging for disinfection was replaced with sensors ones with refill.

Petar Tresić, director of Komunalno Stari Grad d.o.o. reminded us that the defined goals for waste management must follow the load that the city has in the summer months. In Stari Grad, a system of separate waste collection „door to door“ was established in 470 households, which makes about 50% of the City. The plan is to cover almost 80% of the City by the beginning of 2022 tourist season.

After the first day of the workshop, Mihael Gamulin from Komunalni Stari Grad showed to project partners the location where the video surveillance was successfully installed at the access road in the settlement of Basina. At that location were open common waste containers  and an illegal landfill of bulky waste was being created next to them.
The problem was solved by distributing individual containers for municipal waste, paper and plastic to the citizens and removing containers for municipal waste from the specified location, and also with setting up video surveillance.

Mihael also thanked all citizens who use the new system of identification and reporting of illegal landfills.

On the second day of the workshop, an expert associate of the Association Sunce association Blanka Rakuljić presented The Decision on reducing the use of single use plastic for the City of Stari Grad and institutions and companies in (co) ownership of the City.

We all agreed about details and implementation of the Action Plan and the Decision, and Mayor Antonio Škarpa believes that with the implementation of the Decision, Stari Grad will take another step in developing a circular economy model, reducing the amount of the waste in the environment and protecting the health of their citizens.
The Action Plan and Decision will be adopted by the end of the month, allowing Stari Grad to join the project partner, Sali on Dugi otok, who recently adopted the same Decision at the municipal council.

As part of the project, a “Christmas without plastic“ event is planned for December, organized by the City. Considering this summer Stari Grad already had a great event without single-use plastic “Jazz & Wine”, the city expressed its readiness to organize all future events without single-use plastic.

With mentioned participants, the workshop attended and helped with details of the Action Plan and Decision the employees of the Public Institution Agency for Old Town Field Management, Sardelica Kindergarten, Petar Hektorović Elementary School and Moj Škoj Association.

The analysis, which was the base for the Action Plan for the Reduction of Plastic Pollution, and the Action Plan itself, were prepared by Marijan Galović from Galović Consulting j.d.o.o. in cooperation with the Association Sunce.

The For plastic free Croatian Islands project lasts until the end of September 2022., and in that period activities are planned to increase knowledge and availability of information on waste management, use of single-use plastic as well as the level of plastic pollution in two local island communities, in the Municipality of Sali  on the island Dugi Otok and Town Stari Grad on the island of Hvar.

Project is financed by Beyond Med Association.