European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Erasmus + is one of the European Commission programs for which the Directorate for Education and Culture is responsible for implementation. One of its components is the European Volunteer Service (EVS) that enables participation in a long-term international project in one of the European Union (and wider) countries, for a period of 2 months to a year and a short-term project from 2 weeks to 2 months. The condition of participation in the program is to be from 17 to 30 years old.

EVS projects are implemented in civil society organizations or institutions that engage in some of the activities that contribute to general well-being such as working with people with special needs, working with children and young people, ecology, environmental protection and sustainability, organizational development, culture and art, jobs and such. The Sunce Association is preparing and implementing EVS projects since 2015. and is included as a host organization, in cooperation with the organization of the sender and volunteers.

The Sunce Association as a Host Organizer receives international EVS volunteers, which are included in various activities to contribute to the protection of nature, environment, sustainable development of tourism and encouraging the local community to volunteer. EVS projects aim to provide valuable support and enrichment of the organization and to enhance the dimension of multiculturalism among employees and the wider community. Examples of activities for EVS volunteers: survey of visitors in protected areas, organization of public events, educational workshops and trips for children, production and distribution of communication materials, administrative support in the office etc.

Volunteers at the European Volunteer Service are covered with travel, food, accommodation, health insurance and pocket expenses. Also provided are the local language course and participation in training of the sender organization, which prepares volunteers for participation in the volunteer service.

For more information on the European Volunteer Service and potential partnerships, contact the EVS Coordinator at: [email protected].