Environmental Advisory Board Opens to New Memebers

From June 5, 2014 (World Environment Day) in Split operates the Environmental Council of the City of Split.

The Council, as an informal advisory body, was established within the project “Together for Nature and the Environment” with the aim of making recommendations for the two priority environmental problems in the city of Split. Through its work, the Council will monitor the implementation of existing environmental plans and programs and engage in the adoption of new ones.

In this way, we invite the officials of the relevant institutions in the city of Split and the County of Split-Dalmatia, representatives of civil society organizations and the private sector, as well as experts from the field of environmental protection and sustainable development, to be included in the work of the Advisory Council for the Environment of the city Split with your expertise, knowledge, experience and sensibility to environmental problems to contribute to making better environmental decisions, or successfully addressing the environmental problems of our city.

Please indicate your interest in membership in the Split County Environmental Advisory Council as soon as possible by contacting us at [email protected] by 13 June 2014 at the latest.

More about the Council and Project “Together for Nature and the Environment” read here and for all the additional information we are at your disposal.