Earth Day celebrated in Makarska

On Wednesday, April 17th, organized by the City of Makarska the Earth Day was celebrated with a special program. The public event was organized as part of the implementation of educational and informative activities on sustainable waste management “Gather, arrange, conscientiously dispose”, which are carried out together with the Makarska communal company. The campaign is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund. Employees and volunteers of the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce presented to the visitors how to make toys and other interesting objects from worn-out fabrics and waste. For the youngest, trainings on waste separation were organized, as well as prize games with special gifts.
In order to promote the principle of “reduce”, educators of Association Sunce organized a promotion of the use of canvas bags instead of plastic, which was most enjoyed by Makarska preschoolers and elementary school students.
In order to bring the principle of “reuse” closer to the participants, one stand organized the production of toys, and the special attention of the youngest was attracted by jellyfish made of plastic bags.
At one of the stands, which advocated the principle of “reuse”, children had the opportunity to learn how important it is to separate waste, so we educated them on how to do it properly through a game with mock-ups – colored containers depending on the type of waste. Special emphasis was placed on biowaste management, so those interested were demonstrated the use of Organko – a container that serves as a composting site in apartments and spaces where the possibilities of sustainable waste management are reduced.
The program was attended by groups from the kindergarten Biokovsko zvonce, students of Stjepan Ivičević Elementary School, but also those a little older – Makarska high school students, who especially excelled in a quiz with many questions in the field of nature and environment.
Deputy Mayor of Makarska Dražen Nemčić pointed out that the city of Makarska is progressing when it comes to proper waste separation and the adoption of the principle of “Gather, arrange, conscientiously dispose”.
-The goal of today’s event, as well as the entire campaign that is now in full swing, is to bring our fellow citizens, especially the youngest ones, our main goal – how to use and utilize household items so that they do not end up in bins and thus become waste. I am sure that we are going in the right direction, even though it is hard work, primarily because it is a system that needs to be completely set up and in which every part must work in order for everything to work in the end – said Nemčić.