Dalmatia Green – new brand for innovative eco-friendly tourism offer in Dalmatia

Today’s tourism isn’t the same as 10 years ago and in the following 10 years it won’t be the same as it is today.  Today’s forgotten or undiscovered destinations in Dalmatian hinterland are ”tomorrows” attractions due to their pure nature and authenticity. If managed innovatively by respecting the nature and local communities, those locations will become future ” green leaders”, generating the most added value and profits.  Tourism forecasts and trends show that tourists will increasingly avoid overcrowded hot spot destinations and turn into searching for a deeper story, authenticity, pristine nature, healthy organic food, contact with the local community and active involvement.

Slovenia with its sLOVEnia GREEN sustainable tourism scheme proves that ”the grass is really greener on the other side”.  Numerous best practices examples, such as Holiday houses in slovenian Istra, Charming Slovenia, Ortenia apartments in nature, etc. show that developing innovative tourism offer based upon preserved nature and cooperation with locals attracts new target segments of tourists with higher income. It’s about time that Dalmatia learns something new from her northern neighbor and finally starts behaving responsibly by reducing negative impact from tourism on the environment!

In order to implement environmental responsibility into the largest number of private small tourist accommodation and differentiate authentic eco-friendly accommodation from mainstream one, Association Sunce started a project ”Greening” Dalmatian tourism offer.

Within the project, Dalmatia Green eco-certification program has been developed with the goal to reduce environmental footprint and educate about responsible travelling.  Also Dalmatia Green website has been launched. It highlights niche tourism offer that is eco-friendly, organic and responsible, in order to develop sustainable tourism and attract new groups of nature-lovers into the region.

Dalmatia Green website represent a green travel guide for eco-conscious tourists on where to book an eco-friendly accommodation, experience  green adventures and other authentic activities in a less-known locations, buy organic products, find restaurants serving eco-menu, and choose among unique hand-made souvenirs from local artists. With Dalmatia Green tourism offer we are making a change with hosts that want to make a change!  Says Nastja Logar, Dalmatia Green Project Manager.

Dalmatia Green makes an impact also in terms of social responsibility.  It already involves numerous students from the Faculty of Economics Split (cooperating through project work and masters’s thesis), as well as volunteers (national and international from European voluntary service).  Only with young minds, enthusiasm and creativity can we bring green changes into existing tourism offer.

Join us in creating a sustainable network!