Dalmatia Green – Inspirational Stories

Why do some Šoltans have a season of 3 months, and some 6 months? What is crucial for a guest to book accommodation in the pre- and post-season period? After 5 months of successful implementation of the Eco-certification of private accommodation for Dalmatia Green we have prepared inspirational stories that can encourage you to introduce sustainability in your business. This time we present you the first example of success – Tvrdić Honey Apartments from Grohota and tips you can hear from family with the hottest honey and the longest season on the island of Šolta!

Tvrdić Honey Apartments are an excellent example of how sustainable tourism seems to be in practice. They are an indicator that sustainability really makes sense, that guests value and fully identify with such offers. Owners have high ecological awareness and the first thing that the guests point out is that there is no plastic on their plot. Instead of increasing their accommodation capacity by building more apartments, they surrounded those with existing olive and Mediterranean plants and thus created a green oasis of peace and natural harmony. The furniture in the apartments is entirely based on the concept of use-reuse-recycle combined with a lot of innovativeness and creativity. Most of the furniture was found as spent, discontinued furniture that was restored with enthusiasm and love in a creative way, restored its life and functionality. Tvrdić Honey Apartments are not copy-paste apartments, they breathe authenticity, each is a story for themselves, and all reflect the local identity of the island of Šolta. During their stay, guests enjoy themselves as part of the family and fully acquaint themselves with the “island life”. In the morning, they take the ferry to Split, where local food is also bought, and in the afternoon, traditional dishes are prepared. The Tvrdić family has been dealing with bee-keeping for 3 generations in succession, and since they are renters, their guests try to engage in numerous activities where the guest has the opportunity to become acquainted with the bee’s life; from educational workshops to making honey. Additional activities and experiences are a key factor for season extension in spring and autumn.

The period of mass dwellings is transformed into a period in which the awareness of the need for protection and preservation of the environment is developed and strengthened. The preserved environment, autochthonous Mediterranean herbs and organic gardens represent a competitive advantage over the concrete apartment complexes. Healthy and high quality home-made products and authentic local eco-ethical experiences extend the season and attract guests of more compelling power.

So, start your business and meet the Tvrdić Live! This Sunday, May 20th, World Bee Day is organizing the day of the open door of your estate and open on all your questions and possibilities of cooperation.