Čuvaj, pazi, ne bacaj! cleaning action in Kaštel Gomilica


On Saturday, September 18, the Association Sunce conducted a waste collection campaign in Kaštel Gomilica on the Beach Kamp beach as part of the Keep, watch, don’t throw it away! by Ožujsko beer.

While Zagreb brewery took care of cleaning the seabed in front of the beach with a diving action, the Split-Dalmatia County co-financed the cleaning of the beach itself as part of the 2021 Marine Waste Cleaning Action project.

Marine litter has become one of the leading threats to the marine environment, especially in countries that do not have an adequate onshore waste management system, and almost 80% of marine litter comes from land, and only a small part is generated at sea.

Divers and volunteers from RK Giričić, RK Srdelice, PIK Mornar, DVD Kaštel Gomilica, JVP Split, HGGS – Split Station took part in the diving cleaning action.
Logistical assistance in organizing the action was provided by the Diving Center Draulik from Milna.

The land was cleaned by employees of the Association Sunce with volunteers and the collected waste was monitored according to the Protocol for organizing clean-up actions in the marine environment and coastal area on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the collection and processing of data of marine Litter prepared by the Association Sunce for the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

This document benefits all citizens, associations and public authorities in the implementation of actions for the cleaning of marine waste. Monitoring the types and locations of marine waste is an indication of the source of waste that reaches the sea and is important for the establishment of functional management systems, both waste and the marine environment.

We thank the City of Kaštela and the Utility Company Zeleno i modro d.o.o. on logistical assistance in the removal of 450 kilograms of collected waste.