Coast Day 2013

At the initiative of the UNEP Center for Regional Activities in Split in 2007, the Coast Day initiative was launched as one of the essential elements in sustainable coastal zone management throughout the Mediterranean.

For the seventh year, all Mediterranean countries have marked the Coast Day by a series of activities and promoting the need to preserve the coast, prevent pollution, concreting and destroying these particularly valuable Mediterranean zones.

While the central celebration this year is held in Rimini – Italy 25.09. Split had its celebration on 21.09. 2013 on the West Bank.

The theme of this year’s celebration is the BEACH so the Association Sunce, following its commitment to environmental protection and earlier work on beach management, was included the Day of the Coast.

Who can send a better message than children! Because of this, we have included children from the kindergartens Švrćo and Palčić. With their beach design, the game of the polluters and beach guards, as well as their song “Clean sea”, all the people attending, have received an important message that there is no place for waste in the sea and on the beach “because everything that floats on the sea is not swallowed by the sea”.

We hope that the message from this celebration of the Coast Day will be sent to the elderly, especially those who make decisions on the management of natural values and coastal areas, in order to preserve these valuable spaces for these children and all future generations.