Cleaning Sailing Race


Did you knew that scientists predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas than fish? Preserving and protecting our sea sometimes seems like a time race. The need for unity in creating a better future for our seas has never been clearer.

For this reason, the Association Sunce is a partner in the Biotherm Water Lovers program campaign for the preservation of water and the Adriatic Sea which will include an action to remove marine litter from beaches and the seabed – Cleaning Sailing Race regatta.

This educational-ecological regatta with about 140 participants placed on 10 sailing boats starts on April 11th, 2022 at 9 am from Marina Kaštela towards the bays located in the area of the islands of Šolta. The Association Sunce and Biotherm joined forces and with the help of the Vodan Yachting Academy skippers, sailing boats from Adriatic Sailing charter company, Müller employees and Martinis Marchi hotel and marina, and organized big seabed and beaches marine litter cleaning action – the Cleaning Sailing Race. In addition to employees, members and volunteers of the Association Sunce, the regatta will be attended by representatives of all partners and associates, as well as representatives of the Split Tourist Board of Split.

The importance of the Cleaning Sailing Race has also been recognized by PIK Mornar, RC Draulik Milna and the Student Association Oceanus, which will join us in the underwater diving action.

The collected marine litter will be enumerated according to the Protocol for Organizing Clean-up Actions in the Marine Environment and Coastal area on the Territory of the Republic of Croatia, the Collection and Processing of Data of Marine Litter The protocol benefits all citizens and citizens’ associations and public authorities in the implementation of the marine litter cleaning actions. After the enumeration, the waste will be disposed of by the utility company Basilija d.o.o..

In order to protect our sea, it is not enough to periodically remove marine litter from beaches, although it is necessary, but it is important to prevent its formation. It is estimated that about 80% of marine litter comes from the mainland in the seas, and due to inadequate waste management, 13,000 tons of plastic end up in seas every day. Monitoring the type of waste, the origin of waste and the places where it accumulates is important for the establishment of functional management systems, both for waste and the marine environment.

The Cleaning Sailing Race will also be an opportunity to educate employees in the nautical sector on the importance of developing sustainable nautical tourism. The training will cover the topics of the impact of marine litter on the marine ecosystem and bring boaters closer to the importance and purpose of environmentally friendly anchoring. During this campaign, emphasis will be placed on the preservation of the Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadow settlement. It is estimated that 1 hectare of this flowering plant removes the same amount of carbon dioxide as 15 hectares of the Amazon rainforest. For years, the Association Sunce has been advocating for better regulation and control of anchoring above the Posidonia meadows, and is currently implementing the “Become a Posidonia Keeper” campaign.

Public interest and awareness of the need to protect and preserve the Adriatic Sea is growing, and the response to such and similar activities shows that the desire for change among citizens and many stakeholders exists. The number of our members who provide us with support in this and many other activities and support the work of the Association in various ways is constantly growing. Being a member of the Sunce means being part of the story of nature and environmental protection in Croatia and the region, and only by working together can we do something good for the society to which we belong.