Ceremony of awarding certificates to students of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism involved in the program of useful learning

At the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in Split on Wednesday, 22.01.2017. ceremony was to award the students who participated in the program of socially useful learning within the EU project Responsible for Nature during the academic year 2015/2016.

This two-year project is being implemented in partnership with the Sunce Association and the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in Split since November 2015. Meanwhile, the Sunce Association has become a welcoming organization for the professional practice of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism as the only civil sector employer.

A total of 30 students and 5 professors participated in the program of socially beneficial learning within the project “Responsible for Nature” in the following activities:

  1. group
    Students: Maja Crnogorac, Dijana Ravlić, Matea Šimunac
    Course: Environmental economics
    Activities: Website review of 46 public institutions for protected areas in Croatia through structured questionnaire, data processing and presentation of results to students of Environmental economics
  2. group
    Students: Sanja Ozić-Paić, Miro Marasović, Bruno Radan
    Courses: Managing marketing of Non-profit and Public organizations and Marketing communications
    Activities: elaboration of the Integrated marketing communication plan for Marjan forest Park and Marketing plan for Marjan forest Park; presenting        plans to students, teachers and representatives of the Sunce Association and the Marjan Society
  3. group
    Student: Gabi Kamber
    Course: Graduate thesis
    Activities: Determining the recreational value of Marjan forest Park by using the travel cost method
  4. group:
    Students: Torić Ivana, Barać Mihaela, Budimir-Bekan Ante, Ćurčin Natalija, Drnas Natko, Ana Duvnjak, Farac Lucija, Gančević Igor, Maja Karalić, Anna    Kovačević, Matković Dražica Tamara, Matulić Ana, Petar Pašalić, Martina Pavić, Perica Josipa, Rakuljić Ivana, Razmilović Matea, Rejo Ante, Andrea              Strizrep, Ana Tičinović, Tomaš Ljubica, Travizi Ante, Žaja Tihana
    Course: Environmental tourism
    Activities: a survey of visitors to Marjan forest park within the scope of the travel cost method

The project aims to contribute to increasing the level of transparency and efficiency in the management of natural resources in Croatia.