Activities of the project “Take part in sustainable development”

On Thursday, September 19th in the offices of Croatian Employment Service in Split employees of Association Sunce gave a lecture to young, high educated unemployed persons with the goal of presenting the project „Take part in sustainable development“. The project is taking place from May 2013 until April 2015. 
One of the goals of the project which was presented in this lecture is aimed to increase employment opportunities for young, high educated unemployed people. 
Project activities where young unemployed people have a possibility to participate are:
1. Educational program for trainers-volunteers in Association Sunce.
2. Seminar “Active participation of young people in nature and environmental protection as well as sustainable development” in the period from February – June 2014. 
Opening speech at the lecture was held by Mr. Ulrich Witte from  DBU as a donor to the project, and Mr. Miroslav Burazin, Head of Department for employment mediation from Croatian Employment Services.