Underwater inventory, 2 underwater, and above-sea cleaning actions


As part of the service „Underwater inventory, 2 underwater, and above-sea cleaning actions”, Sunce will carry out underwater research and photo documentation of the present species and marine habitats, which will be used to create guides and communication-educational materials about the beauties of the undersea of the Vis archipelago. The goal of the project, of which this service is a part, is to educate the youngest groups about the sea that surrounds them and the importance of its preservation.

Due to man’s irresponsible behavior, the marine ecosystem is under increasing pressure every day, and one of the key problems is marine litter, in the sea and on the coast. We strive to reduce this negative impact and educate the public about this issue by cleaning beaches and underwater areas and implementing marine litter monitoring.

Service title: Underwater inventory, 2 underwater, and above-sea cleaning actions

The service includes the implementation of the identification of adequate locations in cooperation with the Client, inventory of the present marine and coastal habitats and benthic species, creation of photo documentation and selection of the most attractive photos, the proposal of the framework content of future communication materials for promotion and education about the seabed of the selected areas, and the organization of two underwater and above-sea cleaning actions on selected areas.

Client: Association Geoprak Vis Archipelago

Service duration: 24.10.2022. – 01.05.2023.

Service manager: Zrinka Jakl, mag. ing. biol.

E-mail: [email protected]