Production, Installation and Removal of Collectors for catching Larvae of Noble Pen Shell (Pinna nobilis) As well as Identification and Extraction of juvenile Pen Shells from Collectors (2021)


Within this service Association Sunce conducted two field research during which collectors for catching larvae of Noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis) were installed and analised.
From 14 till 15 of June 2021 6 collectors were installed in National park Mljet at two locations, while on 11 November 2021 collectors were taken out and identification of larval and juvenile organisms was conducted.Unfortunatelly, collectors didn’t contain any Noble pen shell individuals.Pinna nobilis is the largest shellfish in the Adriatic and Mediterranean. Its lifespan is spent one-third vertically buried in sand or silt. The service is part of the project „Preservation of Pinna nobilis in the Adriatic Sea“ launched by The Croatian Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, which aims to save this endemic bivalve from extinction.

Service title: Production, installation and removal of collectors for catching larvae of noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis) as well as identification and extraction of juvenile pen shells from collectors

The service includes construction of  collectors for Noble pen shell larvae, placing them at two locations in the Park, inspecting the collectors and removing the juveniles for further transport to the aquarium.

Client: Public institution “National Park Mljet”

Service duration: 03.06.2021. – 01.12.2021.

Service manager: Fedra Dokoza,

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