Sunce reporting on our Green Trips for 2017

As part of the Inter-Program for Education and Public Informating and the Development of Social Entrepreneurship, Sunce organizes educational excursions in nature. Green excursions or Trips are designed and tailored to pupils from all primary school classes to provide them with a chance to connect and understand nature to get acquainted with the basic system of functioning of natural processes and enable them to enjoy learning through socializing.

As in previous years, and in accordance with our consistent reporting practice, we provide you with an overview of Green Day Trips data for 2017.

In short lines about 2017.

  • 22 trips were held
  • 710 pupils and 41 teachers participated 
  • The most popular location is the Marjan Forest Park (Ecosystem of Forests and the Sea), and then the springs of Krka, Cetina, Rude and Graba (Ecosystems of the Source) 
  • In 87% of cases we were rated with a very good or excellent rating 
  • 88% of students and 100% of teachers will recommend trips to another

Word Document 2017 Report can be downloaded HERE!

What are Green Excursions?

Excursions that educate students in nature, nature and its ecosystems; Allow students to understand nature and connect with nature; Serves to gain knowledge of ecosystem values; Familiarize students with the principles of ecologically responsible behavior and encourage them to practice them in everyday life.

Why Choose a Green Trip?

Teaching becomes more diverse and more meaningful, and the students are more independent, responsive and creative; The responsible relationship of children towards nature and environment develops; It promotes the development of healthy lifestyles, habits of walking and staying in nature; Support is being given to the work of the Sun Society in the field of social entrepreneurship with the aim of solving critical social problems in a sustainable manner.

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