Successful season of Green trips

Behind us is a successful season of green trips, where we have held 11 trips to which we took 326 students and 23 teachers. We have visited various ecosystems in the nature such as the Marjan Park Forest, Pantana near Trogir, the Krka River and the Krčić Springs, the Red and Blue Lakes and the Two Eye Lakes.

Playing different games, going through educational exercises we enjoyed in nature and getting acquainted with and, with the eco-quiz, we reminded ourselves how to behave appropriately in nature and preserve the environment. The students who showed the most ecological consciousness received awards, but in the same way, we encouraged those who did not know much about the environment during the Green Trip.

There is a long and warm summer in front of us that we deserved to rest from school but we will certainly have time to share our knowledge of the trip with friends and acquaintances to learn how to preserve the nature and its ecosystems.

While you are resting and swimming, busy Sunce Workers are planning a new season for green trips that will continue in the fall, with the start of the new school year.

Take a look at the green trips on our Facebook page as well as a new brochure, recommend us to your friends and colleagues, and if you are interested, let the Sunce educators design a Green Trip for you.