New video of Green trips

Behind us is a successful season of green trips, where we have held 11 trips to which we took 326 students and 23 teachers. We have visited various ecosystems in the nature such as the Marjan Park Forest, Pantana near Trogir, the Krka River and the Krčić Springs, the Red and Blue Lakes and the Two Eye Lakes.

At the end of each trip, your experiences, comments, and criticisms were very important to us. That is why we have extracted the most important data from all the evaluations, such as reviews of students and teachers and the most popular excursion location. See the enclosed pdf document and find out what the students think about whether the Green Trip will encourage them to be more ecologically responsible and what the professors think about the same and other issues.

Take a look at the green trips on our Facebook page as well as a new brochure, recommend us to your friends and colleagues, and if you are interested, let the Sunce educators design a Green Trip for you.

Also, take a look at the new Green Trip video that will inspire you to choose the best Green Trip for you. See you!