Transforming Mediterranean Small Scale Fisheries

Project seeks to restore the health of Mediterranean fisheries and improve the livelihoods and income of small scale fishermen by shifting at least 9 small-scale fisheries in Turkey, Croatia, Italy and Greece to sustainable co-management schemes. Project will strengthen cooperation among fishermen on local, national and regional level, in order to develop and replicate co-management model and sustainable fishing practices. Project coordinator on Mediterranean level is WWF while WWF Adria is coordinating activities in Croatia.

Three sites in Croatia identified as areas with greatest potential for co-management and sustainable fishing development have been included in the project: Nature Park Lastovo Islands, Nature Park Telašćica and Velebit Channel. Within this part of the project Association Sunce will develop and coordinate implementation of the local Capacity Building Strategy for Small Scale Fishermen for ensuring strategic approach in local stakeholders’ capacity building. It will also analyze legal and institutional framework for establishing co-management in Croatia, analyze possibilities for implementing various measures proposed by stakeholders and for improving implementation of existing ones.

Project duration in Croatia: 01 August 2018 – 31 August 2022

Project budget: 60.500,00 Euro (for activities implemented by the Association Sunce)

Project manager: Zrinka Jakl, mag. ing. biol.