Water lovers – cleaner sea with Sunce and Biotherm collaboration

The Sunce Association has signed an cooperation agreement on the Water Lovers program with the company Biotherm, which is conducting a campaign in Croatia for the preservation of water and the Adriatic Sea as part of the Water Lovers program. Sunce will be a proud partner for the duration of the entire campaign: from June 2021 to April 2022. In the period from 12.07.2021. to 31.12.2021, the Sunce Association will be indicated as a partner in the Mueller branch on Zagreb’s Ban Josip Jelačić Square, in a way that part of the funds from the sale of Biotherm products will be directed to the activities of the Sunce Association.

With the help of the funds raised, we are planning a big public event for next spring.

Out of Biotherm love for water, as the Water Lovers program itself says, the campaign will focus on implementing the Sunce Association’s activities aimed at protecting and preserving the Adriatic Sea.

With the joint efforts of the non-governmental and private sectors through cleaning actions (which you will learn about more over time – yes, we have to tease you a little) we plan to set an example for ourselves and the surrounding countries how to protect their property – both maritime and land, from which most of the waste comes from.

The question of why we do this is no longer difficult to answer. It is estimated that 80% of marine litter comes from land, while about 20% of waste ends up in the sea as a result of irresponsible maritime traffic and fishing. As pollution of all types of water becomes an increasingly recognized global problem, we are pleased that our many years of experience in nature and environmental protection have been recognized and we will work with Biotherm as part of the Water Lovers program, whose motto is “We come from water, let’s give it back to it “, says how important it is to protect 70% of the planet, especially in Croatia, which is the second richest country in Europe in drinking water. We hope that the example of our cooperation will encourage other institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, companies and crafts to actively engage in the protection of natural resources.

Follow via social media, get in touch for more questions and sign up if you want to get involved in any way. It is time to work together to conserve our largest, but unfortunately limited resources, educate ourselves in the areas of water and sea protection, sustainability, waste management systems and ecology.

By investing in nature that always remembers, but also forgives, you get the opportunity to create a global community that affects the protection of all world ecosystems, and the example is this campaign that has crossed the borders of Croatia. Support us in our activities to reduce negative footprints on nature and the environment, leaving only our footprints.