Waste is not garbage – we compost it for larger gardens! – Applying responsible waste management in primary schools and kindergartens

Education of children, youth and other stakeholders in the educational process for responsible waste management, with a focus on bio-waste, is the essence of the project. Namely, just responsible attitude toward waste is one of the essential foundations for achieving sustainable development. For this purpose, the educational program “Composting” will take place in partner primary schools in Split and Vis, and two Split kindergartens. In all of the schools and kindergartens who will participate in the program, composting sites will be created. By participating in this education program, children and teachers will be educated about proper waste management with emphasis on bio-waste and will be able to integrate composting in school teaching and transfer acquired knowledge to younger generations.

Educational program “Composting” is based on participative learning methods, contributing to the development of democratic skills and active citizenship, the development of specific skills such as creativity and creativity in children and young people, as well as increasing the knowledge of the third generation of human rights to a healthy environment. In the implementation of these activities, the students of the Faculty of Philosophy will participate in the program of socially useful learning.

The general objective of the project is:

Contribute to the establishment of sustainable waste management at the local communities level of Split and the island of Vis by increasing the level of active participation of children and youth in the community and responsible waste management.

Specific objectives of the project are:

1. To implement effective and sustainable education programs in primary schools and kindergartens and to encourage active involvement of children when making and dealing with waste with a focus on bio-waste;

2. educate future teachers/educators in the area of education and training for sustainable development and encourage their active engagement through a socially useful learning program linked to the theme of sustainable waste management.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Science of Education and Sports in the amount of HRK 50,000.00.