Volunteer for nature, volunteer for yourself – school volunteer programs in protected areas of nature

In September 2017, a new project started by the name “VOLUNTEER FOR NATURE, VOLUNTEER FOR YOURSELF!” – School Volunteer Programs in Protected Areas of Nature “which promotes and encourages the implementation of school volunteering programs in protected areas of nature and includes work on the development of youth social skills.

The Sunce Association will co-operate as the Project Coordinator for 24 months with the following partners: Prevention of Addiction League, Craftsmanship Technical School Split, Secondary School Ivan Lucić – Trogir, Community Service Center Split, Public Institution “Biokovo Nature Park”, Public Institution “National Park Krka “, The Public Institution” Nature Park Vransko Lake “and the Public Institution” Nature Park Telascica “.

Project Goals:

  • Building capacities for youth volunteering in the protection of the environment and nature within educational and public institutions for nature protection, as well as of partner organizations.
  • Increase the number of educated and empowered high school volunteers for active participation and community volunteering in nature and environment protection sector.
  • Ensure the transfer of knowledge and experience and promote the implementation of school volunteering programs in protected areas of nature.

The main activities of the project are grouped into three elements:

  1. Development of volunteering programs for nature protection for middle school age as well as education for implementation.
  2. Implementation of school volunteering program.
  3. Evaluation of implementation, documenting project results, ensuring sustainability.

Through training of partner organizations, schools, centers, public institutions and CSOs, we will develop and improve the capacity for organizing youth volunteering and ensure the successful implementation of the program. The transfer of knowledge, experience and the promotion of school volunteering program will be ensured through radio programs, the Environmental Volunteer Manual and the Final Conference.

Estimated results:

  1. Realized conditions for the implementation of school volunteering programs in protected areas of nature, three nature parks and one national park.
  2. Volunteering programs implemented in two high schools in Spit region and the Community Service Center. 40 high school students educated for volunteering and active engagement in the protection of environment and nature. Educated partners/coordinators: 4 teachers/representatives of expert services, 5 volunteer coordinators from public institutions, 2 volunteer coordinators from civil society organizations, 2 volunteers from CSO educators for implementation of school volunteering programs.
  3. Evaluated and documented experiences and results of the implementation of school volunteering program. Ensuring the sustainability of school volunteering programs in the protection of environment and nature. The project results promoted and knowledge and experience passed on among educational institutions, public institutions for protected areas of nature, CSOs as well as end users of the project.
  4. Project and activities promoted among end-users, media and to the public through web and Facebook page of project partners (40 articles, 180 announcements), 12 produced and broadcasted radio shows, 30 appearances on local TV and radio stations, printed media, Internet portals and on promotional material (info flyers, T-shirts, bottles, caps and calendar for 2019). The Final Conference of the Project held and a Handbook on School Volunteering developed and distributed.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.

The total value of the project is: 1.211.473,24 kuna. The amount of financing from the EU is: 1,039,516.75 kuna.

Total project duration: 24 months (from September 2017 to August 2019)

Contact person for more information:

  • Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić, Executive Director of the Sunce Split Association
  • Phone: 021 360 779
  • Fax: 021 317 254
  • Mail: [email protected]

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