Travel sustainably is easy and we know how

World travelers are increasingly choosing a sustainable way to travel!

According to’s latest report, as many as 71 percent of global travelers say they want to travel sustainably.

An ecologically responsible tourist will rather choose a tourist offer that directly includes various forms of work with local residents and the purchase of authentic and organically grown products from local producers, than an inauthentic offer. The point of sustainable tourism is to actively and responsibly participate in the life of the local community and to respect the cultural principles and sights of the destination. In addition to the authentic experience of the local community, sustainable tourism includes activities that are carried out in harmony with nature, such as cycling, running, climbing or hiking. If we forget about nature and the preservation of its resources and focus everything only on making a profit, the consequences for the tourist destination can be irreversible.

Traveling sustainably isn’t just important to global travelers. The conducted research showed that 75% of Croatian travelers would prefer to choose sustainable accommodation for their vacation – regardless of whether they are specifically looking for it or not.

Croatian tourism is mainly focused on the coast. However, for the further development of sustainable tourism in Croatia, it is necessary to evenly distribute guests within all regions and types of accommodation in order to balance the life of the local community and tourists. The rural areas of Croatia also have a lot of content to offer, and this is evidenced by the increasingly popular rural eco-tourism.

If you want to escape from the hectic everyday life and travel sustainably in the interior of Dalmatia, for your accommodation choose one of the certified Dalmatia Green facilities that have adapted their business to ecological standards in order to provide guests with a unique stay in harmony with nature and the local community.

Villa Vinea, Prapatnica

Villa Vinea is located 400 m above sea level, far from the tourist crowd. It is located in the center of an organic vineyard with special old varieties of grapes. The fact that this place is surrounded by beautiful nature gives it an additional eco appeal. This ecologically decorated accommodation is located in a rural environment that offers you a peaceful holiday in the countryside.

Villa Češljar, Imotski area

Escape to nature and enjoy the rural ambiance of the Češljar villa in Donji Prološac. The hosts of this villa have been doing business sustainably for a long time, so they will provide you with an authentic experience of the Imotski Krajina with a smile. If you want to go to the sea one day and replace the rural environment with the coastal one, you can do it very quickly from Villa Češljar, because it is only 35 km from the first beach.

Villa “Home Sweet Home”, Vrsine

Home Sweet Home is a traditional Dalmatian stone house, located in the village of Donja Banda, only 9 km from the old town of Trogir. Its interior is decorated with great attention and creativity. Every detail carries a unique story of this place. There is no doubt that here you will find only peace and tranquility in 100% preserved nature.

Certify your sustainable accommodation facility and become part of the Dalmatia Green community.

The Dalmatia Green program encourages staying in sustainable accommodation facilities, promotes local and organic food, unique souvenirs, sustainable activities, a responsible way of traveling and visiting unique ‘undiscovered’ locations in Dalmatia.