Telašćica Nature Park is richer for the first underwater trail

On Friday, June 23, 2017, the first underwater educational trail “Tripuljak” was opened in the oasis of ecotourism – Telašćica Nature Park. The educational trail was developed within the SEA-Med project “Establishing Sustainable Economic Activities in Marine Protected Areas” and represents a unique experience of natural and cultural values of the rich and preserved submarine life.

The trail, about 200 m long, is intended for visitors of all age groups who can swim and use a mask and a diving boat. The tour takes 30 minutes and includes swimming and underwater sightseeing at low depths with the option of using audio guides and educational boards at the points of experience. Numerous populations of fish, trunks, hawks, algae, sea sponges, crabs and shellfish, as well as archeological artifacts can be seen in the underwater world of the Park.

The “Tripuljak” submarine trail is an innovative tourist product of PP Telascica, which will teach all the lovers of the underwater world in an easy way.