Sunce supports two initiatives to reduce single-use plastic waste


In the week of Environmental Protection Day, Sunce co-signed two initiatives aimed at reducing single-use plastic waste, continuing to support and contribute to the implementation of the first priority in waste management – reducing waste generation.

Request to the Croatian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

Croatian environmental organizations, gathered in the Platform against single-use plastic pollution, demand that the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development adopt effective regulations to reduce waste from single-use plastic bags and deal with the invasion of single-use plastic.

According to the provisional data of The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund for the year 2022, a significant decrease in consumption was observed during the pandemic period. However, the total mass of plastic waste is increasing again and approaching the pre-pandemic level. The lack of a ban on very light plastic has led to the replacement of one type of plastic bag with another, and the alternative for reuse has not yet taken root.

Sunce supports the request for the introduction of effective regulations. Hard plastic, as well as other reusable materials, are solutions that should be promoted and encouraged. Croatia’s focus should be on creating a system that encourages a circular economy.

In addition to Sunce, the request was signed by Greenpeace Croatia, Zelena akcija, Tatavaka Association – Initiative for Zlarin without Plastic, Association for Independent Media Culture, Association for the Promotion of Ecological Food Production, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development “Eko-Zadar”, Terra Hub, Association Zelena Istra, Association for the protection of nature and environment and promotion of sustainable development Argonaut and Association PET Plus – For Labin without plastic.

Open letter to the European Parliament for the Proposal on the regulation of packaging and packaging waste

The Proposal for the Regulation of Packaging and Packaging Waste (PPWR) is currently being discussed in the European Parliament and the Council. We are concerned that the key role of reusable packaging as a means of preventing waste, conserving resources, and protecting the climate is being undermined by the intensive lobbying of the single-use packaging industry.

Therefore, we supported the open letter addressed to the European Parliament and the Ministers of the Council of the European Union by Rethink Plastic Alliance (ZWE, EEB, ClientEarth, and ECOS), Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH), Recycling Netwerk Benelux and non-governmental forestry organizations (FERN + EPN).

The letter will be made public during the Green Week of the European Parliament. The European Parliament’s Green Week is an annual initiative organized by the European Parliament to raise awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.

The goal of this year’s initiative is to encourage decision-makers to support ambitious packaging reuse goals. We are firm in our position that it is necessary to take steps to protect the environment and reduce single-use plastic waste by using reusable solutions.

Signing and supporting these initiatives are only part of Sunce’s broader engagement in promoting sustainability and protecting natural resources, including those of Croatia.