Sit down, three! Cooperation – Green Phone and competent services

It all started 26 years ago with the idea of launching a telephone line that citizens can report the environmental issues or make sugges ons, and callers on the phone transfer information to the relevant institutions. Three years later, the idea was called Green Phone, realized in Zagreb, in the Green Action Association.

Today, as many as 10 environmental NGOs, gathered in the Green Phone Network, receive calls from citizens from all over Croatia, to a unique Green Phone number: 072 123 456. To date, 39478 citizens’ inquiries have been received on the Green Phone. The green telephone records numerous successful collaborations and partnerships with public services and state bodies in the protection of the environment and nature, however, but also a large number of less successful collaborations. This was the direct cause of the members of the Green Phone Network for a joint analysis of the work done so far, focusing on obstacles and problems in addressing citizens’ applications.

Although there are differences between the counties in the handling of the competent services, the overall assessment of cooperation is an average, solid C.
An excellent rating, however, deserves merely a few services, solely for individuals who are responsibly doing their job and are always available to provide information.

Survey and interview results clearly show that most of the competent institutions and services have insufficient financial, material and human resources and hinder them in effective day-to-day work.

In addition to the above mentioned problems, we have identified the need for:
Improving the situation in the field of cross-sectoral cooperation and networking and creating additional trust and cooperation of all stakeholders in environmental protection for the exchange of experience and better understanding of the role of each stakeholder in their work and overall position in society as a whole
• education of representatives of competent services, as well as citizens from various areas
• improving transparency and efficiency in the work of competent services
• Creating trust from citizens

The publication is available here.

This publication was created within the framework of the project “Environmental Partnership: Development of the Environmental Protection Capacity of the Public and Civilian Sector in Croatia through the Green Phone Service” funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Office of the Government for Associations of the Republic of Croatia and the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar