Organko – More than garbage can for organic waste!

We have repeatedly emphasized the importance of composting, which contributes to reducing the volume of municipal waste by as much as a third. Thus, we create useful raw materials and reduce waste disposal costs. Composting is an ideal way of separating waste because we can recycle 100% of waste.
Today we present you Organic Waste Bins, a solution for anyone who wants to compost and do not have their own garden. Organic does not take up a lot of place, organic waste does not rot, there is no odor, no smell, it speeds up the process of fermentation and is emptied only once or twice a month.
For all its members, the Sunce Association has secured a 10% discount on online shopping of the Ogranko bins or the Organic Composting Set. For more information on this useful bin, see the video here or on