Marjan forest Park Exhibition “For body and soul”

The Association Sunce and Marjan Society are organizing an exhibition where the citizens of Split will present the results of the activities of the EU project “Responsible for nature” directed towards ensuring protection, improvement of the state and management of the Marjan forest park. The exhibition will present the Conclusions of the study and the study of the state of forest in the Marjan forest Park in Split and the results of the public opinion poll of the citizens of Split about the Forest Park Marjan.

The exhibition officially launches a communication campaign “For body and soul”, which aims to preserve the Marjan forest Park, the most valuable natural resource of the city of Split. Namely, although the Marjan Forest Park is protected under the Nature Protection Act and the Law on the Protection and Conservation of Cultural Property, it is exposed to a variety of threats and human activities that endanger its natural, cultural and historical value.

The exhibition will take place on May 14, 2017, from 11 am to 2 pm, on the plateau next to the First Sight on Marjan.

We are looking forward to your arrival!