Marine habitats inventarisation manual

As part of the project “Mapping, monitoring and management of the cross-border Natura 2000 network at sea – 4M”, a rolling and reprinting of the Inventory for Marine Habitats was carried out. The manual was published by the Institute for Nature Protection of the Republic of Croatia in 2006 as an educational tool that helps volunteers and the concerned public to learn how to recognize marine habitats and is also recognized as a useful tool for education in schools and at universities.

“The well-preserved nature of the Republic of Croatia is the largest national treasure and the care of the natural resources and biodiversity becomes an important topic and the subject of the whole community’s responsibility, what impact will the activity have on it and so on.

This handbook, perhaps modest by its size, has the purpose of encouraging positive changes. Small limestone can also trigger an avalanche and that is what the author and publisher want. Its primary purpose is to contribute to the use of data collection methods for marine habitats, to motivate those who have not been dealing with marine habitats so far, to do so and to come up with new data on areas we know little or nothing about and then store them in a centralized and balanced manner. Only credible information on marine habitats can directly affect the conservation and future of that natural national wealth. ”

Download the Inventory for Marine Habitats here.