Green energy renovation for family accommodation

Are you thinking about changing the roof and windows, renovating the facade, changing the way of heating or cooling and would you like to achieve significant financial and energy savings? The tender of the Split-Dalmatia County for the energy renovation of family houses has been announced. We researched how you can take advantage of incentives and ecologically renovate your accommodation facility and which companies offer you the best eco products.

We looked for answers in the social enterprise Održivo d.o.o. – Office for Permaculture Design, Eco-Architectural Design and Urban Planning. Architect Hrvoje Bota advises the use of natural materials for the renovation of facades and openings, the use of sustainable energy sources for heating and cooling and passive measures to reduce the cost of use and maintenance. Natural materials are primarily used for better properties, health reasons and a more favorable impact on the environment.

Natural materials for openings are wooden windows and doors with possible aluminum protection from the outside, which is offered by Lokve d.o.o., specializing in wooden and wood / aluminum windows and doors with a hundred years of experience and tradition. To improve the energy properties of the facade, he recommends wood fiber boards, pressed straw, hemp, sheep wool or jute, and the most affordable thermal insulation is made of cellulose fibers.

The recommendation for heating are solar collectors for hot water in combination with underfloor heating. This combination is great for maintaining tourist facilities in winter when there are not so many users in the facility. Efficient new generation heat pumps are the best to cool down. Use passive measures for natural heating and cooling, water surfaces in favorable locations, shading with tall trees and climbers, and transverse ventilation. Use massive materials to maintain a stable temperature and collect rainwater in cisterns to reduce water consumption.

Through the Dalmatia Green program, we want to help you in greening the business of your accommodation facility. We single out the market of environmentally friendly products and services for you and offer discounts. Dalmatia Green membership gives you a 15% discount on eco-architectural planning and design – Održivo d.o.o., wooden or wood / aluminum doors Lokve d.o.o., garden and home systems for rainwater use – Larix Plus d.o.o. and 20% discount on photovoltaic systems and hot water preparation – Solar projekt d.o.o. More information about discounts can be found here.

Green = profitable. Join us and green your business!